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سلام بچه ها با یه آپ دیگه اومدم
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오늘 오사카의 2회 공연 초초 즐겁게 마무리! 고마워요! 선물로 나의 50년뒤의 수염의 모습 .느낌있나?


today's 2 concert in Osaka ended in extreme fun! Thank you! As a gift, here's my look with beard in 50years time. Can u feel it?

امروز دوتا کنسرت تو اوساکا با لذت شدید تمام شد.ممنونم.اینم یه هدیه قیافم با ریش و سیبیل در 50 سالگی...میتونید حسش کنید؟

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Trans] Kim Hyun Joong - VOGUE Japan Exclusive Interview


:: Collaborating with B'Z, Kim HyunJoong's all-rounded flexiblity

Many Korean idol groups are gaining many popularity in Japan indeed but as a solo singer Kim HyunJoong have proven his overwhelming ability in Japan. For the first time, Japan's well-known rock band, B'Z have composed song for other artistes which garnered many attentions. With the soft charismatic side of him in dramas as well as the rocker side of him in music, here's Kim HyunJoong's interview from Vogue Japan.

Kim HyunJoong's performance on stage had always been a mesmerizing one for fans below stage. With his charming bright smile, sexy yet masculine image together with his 4-dimensional answers during interview indeed have captured many young hearts out there. If we do not pay enough attention to what he was trying to say, we might not have any idea what he just said!

Kim HyunJoong who is a solo singer currently, debuted from the 5-member group SS501 since 2005. He is known as the 'Leader' as there's members with similar name (pronunciation).

Known for his handsome image, he was casted in the Korean version of 'Boys Over Flower' as Yoon Jihoo and also Baek Seungjo in 'Playful Kiss', expressing his talents well as well as his charisma.

What really made him rose to the popularity was the top Korean variety show 'We Got Married'. It is a variety show that pairs up Korean celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married. In this show, Kim HyunJoong was paired up with another Korean female celebrity who is 7 years older than him. There's a scene where Kim HyunJoong gave his driver's license photo to his 'wife' in the show with a small note 'If you are feeling lonely please see this' and because of this innocent behavior he was then known as 4-dimensional, attracting more fans' hearts.

Q: Kim HyunJoong is actually a tough guy but also having a tender and gentle side of him, right?


A: I think I have the personalities. On stage I showed the manly side of me, in dramas I showed the gentle side of me, whichever side it is, that's a side of me.

A: No matter how true my attitude is in programs, I will also consider how I should present myself in programs before I talk or act. Obliging the rules and reading the scripts for TV programs or interviews beforehand in order to know what I should present to fans. Showing my true self to fans and  getting good reviews from everyone is a blessed thing. (Laughs)

Q: Is there any special '4D' reason behind why you are using a normal cell phone instead of using a smartphone?


A: I feel alright even if I'm using a cellphone now (Laughs) and I don't really mind what;s in the top trend now. Because I rather prefer button-touching cellphone instead of the touchscreen smartphones, so perhaps I'll consider using a cell phone.



Q: If you are not using a smartphone, what do you use to listen to other people's music on the go?


A: Nothing (laughs). Because I spend more time in the car moving from place to place, so I;ll usually turn on the radio to listen to music.


Q: We heard that HyunJoong is also a fan of B'Z, having all their albums too.


A: I think Matsumoto Takahiro and Inaba Koshi are a perfect combination group. Because they are very talented in composing unique songs and lyrics, I guess this is the reason why they were so loved back then. With the same reason, I am a big fan of them.



Q: Kim HyunJoong loved rock music very much.


A: I've joined the band in my high school last time. In Korea I loved Seo Taiji and in Japan I loves B'Z. The song Heat is totally B'z's style. At first I was worried whether I could sing this song well enough but after endless times of practice, I'm indulged to the song already. I love the addicting tempo and lyrics. I will put all my effort in performing this song so to express what this song is supposed to bring.



Q: During the recording, Inoshi Koshi have taught you how to perform this song?


A: He gave me some advice on how to express this song and thanks to him, this song was recorded perfectly. All in all, they are a well-respected sunbaes in the music industry and they are the ones I admire very much. I was very nervous when I first met them, but they were very friendly welcoming me. Working together with such well-respected sunbaes in the same studio, I've learned many new things. The Japanese single this time is the production of Japanese, and it's my first time performing a rock music, even though there are many challenges, but because of this challenges, I learned many new things and I'm very happy.


Q: What is your character in the new drama?


A: I'm Baek Mir in the drama who is a man struggling with abandonment and growing up an orphan, who falls head over heels in love easily. he fights against the harsh world that tore his family apart. This is a total different character from before. As the shooting for the drama is around the corner, the determination to make this drama a success is becoming stronger and I will work hard for it.



Q: Heard that the first shooting location will be in Japan. The weather is very hot in the summer.


A: I love working during the summer. Not only for the drama, but for my album as well as fanmeeting. Putting all my best into everything I do, becoming the only one in my fan's hears.


Q: Where's your dream in the future for working so hard?


A: Hmm...universe. I will gather all my fans in the universe and hold a concert there (laughs)

خیلی از گروه های کره ای در ژآپن معروف و محبوب شدن اما کیم هیون جونگ ثابت کرده از همشون بهتره

اون با گروه bz همکاری کرده

اجراهای اون فوق العاده بوده

اون بعنوان لیدر گروه دبل اس 501


اون تو پسران برتر از گل...بوسه موزیانه بصورت عالی بازی کرده.

اون در برنامه ی ما ازدواج کردیم  تونسته مهارتشو نشون بده.



کیم هیون جونگ پسر سختی هست و همچنین یک طرف مردونه داره درسته؟

من همه ی طرف های خودمو رو استیج و درام ها نشون دادم

مهم نیس شخصیتم تو برنامه ها چقدر درسته چون اونها از قبل بهم میگن چطور رفتار کنم و یا چی بگم که بهتر نشون داده بشم.



آیا دلیل خاصی وحجود داره که شما به جای گوشی های هوشمند از گوشی های معمولی استفاده میکنید؟

من با گوشی های معمولی راحت ترم واسم مهم نیس چی مده من گوشی های معمولی رو به گوشی های تاچ ترجیح میدم.

اگه گوشی های هوشمند ندارین چطوری به موزیک های دیگران گوش میدید؟

من معمولا با ماشینم خیلی به این طرف و اونطرف میرم و از رادیو گوش میدم

ما شنیدیم کیم هیون جونگ یکی از طرفداران bz هس و آلبوماشونو داره

اونها گروه فوق العاده این از نظر آهنگ سازی ...ملودی و متن آهنگاشون واسه همینه که همه دوسشون دارن علاقه ی منم به همون دلیل مشترکه.




کیم هیون جونگ راک رو خیلی دوست داره.

من به یک گروه وقتی تو دبیرستان بودم پیوستم

در کره سئو تائجی و در ژاپن bz رو دوست دارم.

اول نگران بودم که میتونم آهنگ رو خوب بخونم یا نه اما بعد از تمرین های بی پایان از آهنگم خوشم اومد.

من تمام سعیمو میکگنم تا آهنگ رو طوری اجرا کنم که منظور اصلی آهنگ رو برسونم.



در موقع ضبط فکر کردی که چطور آهنگ رو اجرا کنی؟

به من راه حل هایی برای اینکار ارائه دادن و من ممنونم و آهنگ فوق العاده ضبط شد.

اونا به عنوان بزرگترهام خیلی به من کمک کردن و خیلی تشویقم کردن.

خیلی خوشحالم باهاشون کار کردم.

این اولین بارمه آهنگ راک رو ارائه میدم و خیلی چیزای زیاد یاد گرفتم و خوشحالم.


شخصیتت تو درام جدیدت چیه؟

من بئک میر هستم

یه مرد مبارز و آزاد که زود و به راحتی عاشق میشه او با جدنیای خشن مبارزه میکنه که خانوادش رو از هم پاشید.

این یه شخصیت کاملا متفاوته روزبه روز بیشتر موفقیت این درام رو حس میکنم و به سختی بواسش تلاش میکنم.



شنیدم اولین مکان فیلمبرداری تو ژاپن بو هوا خیلی گرمه درسته؟

من کار کردن تو تابستون رو دوست دارم نه تنها برای درام بلکه برای آلبوم و فن میتینگ ....تمام سعیمو میکنم که تنها فرد در نظر طرفدارام باشم.




رویات در آبنده کجاست که میخوای خیلی سخت کار کنی؟

تمام دنیا.....تمام طرفدارام رو در دنیا جمع میکنم و واسشون کنسرت میذارم.(خندید)


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