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[Eng Translation] Kim Kyu Jong Interview with Trendy Magazine

سلام بچه ها...خوبین؟؟

فرزانه؟؟؟ تو کجایی؟؟!! نیستی....؟؟!! من تنهام...این هفته بکوب رفتم کلاس...بعدش میومدم آپدیت وبو کلی کار دیگه...من موندم چطوریه الان زنده ام....نیشخند

بچه ها عکسای مجله ترندی کیوجونگو آوردم...یه مصاحبه هم هست ولی فکر نکنم وقت کنم ترجمش کنم....تو ادامه میذارمش...اگه میتونین بخونینش....میشه از حرفاش سردرآورد...زیاد سخت نیست.... وقت کردم ترجمش میکنم.....



این همون مصاحبه است....که تو همین مجله هم اومده مصاحبه اش....صفحه های مربوط به مصاحبه هم بین مصاحبه میذارم.....

Q : How do you feel when you will begin the army life soon? How do you think about?

KJ : When I receipt of the notification, I very worried. Except my schedules, I want to do something for my Fans who always support me before enlist, express my thankful with them. And I will begin a new life, so I very worry. But I looking forward now, looking forward the new experience in army life, and hope that I have a change in this time.

Q : Kyu Jong seldom cut super short hair in the past, would you worry about your super short hair?

KJ : Hahaha~  I really feel strange and not accustomed! But thought that it is so hot now,short hair will so cool, although have a little strange~ but I can adapt soon!

Q : We heard that, through enlistment can make a man have a different grow up. Do you looking forward? What do you want to learn in this time?

KJ : I heard that too! (laugh) so that, I get a plan in two years for my learning. After finish train recruits, I will back to my hometown JoenJu to be a public service servants, the public service servants life have a rule, so I will have a lot of time to study. In the past because of my schedules, I didn’t have time to study the new things, I will use this two years to study and grow up.

Q : You have just got a Fan Meeting, all members came, did they make careful recommendations to Kyu Jong?

KJ : Uhm~ everyone knew that, my year old in a middle of SS501 members, and to be a first member enlist, so that my older brothers and younger brother talked the different things with me. Hyun Joong hyung as a big brother, told me no need to worry anything, spend the new life well, give me so many encouragements. Young Saeng hyung too, he suddenly said that, want to give me his new album, when we met, he didn’t say so much, but he wrote a lot of wish in album to me, there was his sign! (laugh) Jung Min and Hyung Jun said that, they were brother, we were born in the same year! They said the same thing, told me that, let live the army life well, our Fans let they protect, they will take care of our Fans. Ha~ when I come here, I have just talked with Hyung Jun, he said that, will send me off.


Q : Before enlist,Kyu Jong join to product the new album “The Precious One Meet Me Again”, I heard that, there was a special song for your Fans?

KJ : Because I need to leave my Fans in a few time, I have a lot of things want to talk with them, but I can’t meet them now, so I record this special album, it like a provisional goodbye present to my Fans~ every song in this album is my heart, specially is “Thank You”, I want to give this song to my Fans who always give me power and warm support, this is a song of me and Fans sing togeth

Q : While Kyu Jong enlistment time, all of Fans will miss you so much, Kyu Jong love his Fans so much too, do you have some thing want to talk with Fans? Or when everyone miss Kyu Jong, which song they should listen?

KJ : Same that everyone miss me, I also miss you all too, all of you need to take good care of your self, don’t be get sick, I will worry!  In two years in army, If I can, I will leave the messages in official webside or twitter, I will tell you all my life at the moment. But if you really miss me so so so much, sometimes you can go to see me! (laugh) And everyday, you can listen music and watch MV, I will come back soon.

Q : Kyu Jong and Trendy have a pretty friendship, can you give Trendy a meeting “A interview in the future”? Can Kyu Jong plan “A exclusive interview with Kim Kyu Jong after discharge” for Trendy?

KJ : Uhm…(Incline head to think) I hope that, we shouldn’t interview after I discharge, and wait a few time, when I have a new work, and then I will show you my new work and my life. I hope that, I can bring my movie or drama to meet Trendy, as a “Kim Kyu Jong actor”, or comeback with a new album, I will try my best to let’s go. We promise! So that Trendy team can’t change or be off work until I back!Ha ha~

Q : Kyu Jong can’t meet Taiwan Fans before enlist, do you have something to talk with Taiwan Fans?

KJ : I’m so sorry because I can’t meet you all before enlist, really very regret. I’m very thankful Taiwan Fans, I can feel your support. In my enlistment time, hope that all of you will continue support our members, in the first year, I can let you all change of heart to like the other person, but only a little, and hurry up back with me! I will tell you my life through the internet, please don’t worry. And please take care of yourself, we will keep contact!I love you all~

ای آجی فدای اون شکمت...ک ک ک ....نگا کنین شکمشو....ای جونــــــــــــــــــــم....قلبقلبقلب بخدا این زندگیه منه......

بچه ها حتما مصاحبشو بخونین...بخدا وقت داشتم ترجمش میکردم....اولین فرصت ترجمش میکنم...ولی همینشم بخونین میتونین بفهمین من خودم خوندمش...خیلی قشنگه....خیلی قشنگ صحبت میکنه....دلم واسش تنگ شده بدجور....نگرانگریه

ببخشید توروخدا.....از خجالتتون درمیام





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